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Steal (or borrow) these ideas

December 20, 2010 Comments off

A full-tilt Lower Mainland roundup today.

John Van Putten‘s photo in the Maple Ridge News of an up-and-coming goalie employs a great and simple concept. I’m not going to try and describe it, so just click through. Story by Grant Granger is also a solid read.

Need another photo lesson? Here’s one in the North Shore News by Rob Newell. He makes a portrait of a guy standing in front of some banners infinitely better just by rotating his camera a few degrees. Granted, his flash lighting doesn’t hurt either.  Story, by Sean Kolenko, is also great.

There’s a lesson to be learned here. When you have one person dedicated to writing the story, and another concentrating all his or her efforts on coming up with a solid photo idea, the result is a good photo and a good story, rather than a story with a photo that may look tagged on.  Alas, not all papers have the resources, but one can dream. In lieu of that, it’s probably worth thinking up some photo ideas before heading out to an interview, rather than improvising when you get to the meeting spot. (I write this as someone who has, on a couple of occasions, entirely forgot that a photo is required).

I’ll stick with the North Shore News to point out Greg Hoekstra‘s excellent feature on how local police try and round-up suspects when they have fled the city, the province or the country. The story is another great win-win concept: the cops get a chance to highlight the city’s most wanted and the work they’re doing; the reporter gets significant access to and understanding of the behind-the-scenes process, which makes for a great story — if you write it as well as Greg (I’m going to start referring to people by their first name now, just ’cause).

The Langley Times runs a timeline of the convoluted and controversial building of that city’s hockey rink (does that make it a Timesline? I’m sorry. Real Sorry.) Timelines are easy, but underused (I think we just forget that we can do them).

Michelle Hopkins of the Richmond News investigates if anybody really likes to receive gift cards. Great Christmas story. After all, when you buy a gift card, you’re simply putting a limit on how that money can be spent. Cash would seem much more logical. But many like them, Hopkins finds. (It seems to me that they’re an easy way to give, and ask for, something almost as universally handy as cash. That can be handy because of the taboo against giving cash at Christmas time.)

Diane Strandberg of the Tri-City News and John Kurucz of the Coquitlam Now both have good stories on a nurse whose life-saving treatment by a doctor at her hospital will be documented on a television show.

Tracy Holmes of the Peace Arch News with some good ol’ fire reporting:

Marc Hiatt and his family lost everything when he and five others escaped a fire at their heritage home in South Surrey overnight Friday.

But it will be a good Christmas nonetheless, Hiatt and his son, Rob, said later that morning, after surveying the remains of the 13951 Crescent Rd. house.


Need some more good ideas to steal? Glad you asked. The Richmond Review’s Kudos page deserves kudos and theft. The page showcases local good deeds through photos and gives a dynamic look to grip-and-grins and the like.

And finally, the Surrey Leader (using Google Maps) has a superb online map of that city’s best holiday light displays.

Photo by Andy Rennie via Flickr.


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Immigrants and Santa

December 8, 2010 Comments off

Two Lower Mainland papers this week localized significant international stories. These are great for community newspapers because they tell local stories while broadening the international knowledge of readers and scope of the topics covered.

Everybody should know what has happened in Sudan and South Sudan in the past 20 years but few probably do. Hopefully Michael McQuillin‘s story in the New Westminster News Leader gets one or two more readers to look carefully at the country, which really needs more attention if it’s to successfully split up. The subject in McQuillin’s story, a refugee from South Sudan, is urging his fellow refugees to vote in an upcoming referendum that could see the southern region of the country secede, ala Quebec.

Meanwhile, (Coquitlam) Now reporter Jennifer McFee writes about how the North Korean artillery barrage on a South Korean island has affected the local Korean community.

Keeping the international news trend going, Monisha Martins of the Maple Ridge News reports that WikiLeaks documents reveal that a Maple Ridge company has been listed as vital to the United States’ national security. The high tech company is “critical to production of various military application electronics, General Dynamics Land Systems,” according to the document.

On the Santa beat, the aforementioned Michael McQuillin (he’s freaking everywhere) has a cheery Claus tale punctuated by this touching anecdote:

Last year while spreading cheer, Kolody met an older male patient who said to him, “I don’t know why I’m here.”

Caught off guard, Kolody responded, “I guess you need help.”

“You don’t understand,” said the gentleman, “I’m a doctor.”

“Then it’s your turn to get help,” Kolody reassured the patient.


And finally Abbotsford Times’ Jean Konda-Witte has a poignant photo essay (gallery?) of an Abbotsford charity photo session for the less fortunate. Check the photos out here…

More to come later today…


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Photo courtesy of John Pavelka via Flickr

Omineca Express reporter scoops dailies; strippers raise money

December 2, 2010 Comments off

Hannah Wright of the Vanderhoof Omineca Express was the only journalist to report on the first appearance in court of Cody Alan Legebokoff, whose accused of the first degree murder of a 15-year-old Vanderhoof girl. That despite the presence of reporters from the nefarious big city media, according to Bill Phillips‘s blog.

Wright thought to check with the court clerk, a tactic everyone else seems to have forgot.

From Wright’s story:

Legebokoff appeared emotionless during his brief court appearance, other than being quite red in the face. He kept his head up and stared straight forward, except for a brief look around the room when he first entered.

The only people in the public seating area was an older man and woman who sat together in the front row.


Check out Bill’s blog Writer’s Block for the story on the story.


Down on the coast, Andrew Fleming (@Flematic) of the New West Record/Burnaby Now has a quirky short story on a local writer who was nominated for, but didn’t win, an award(?) for bad sex writing. Any story in which you write (even in quotes) “Like a lepidopterist mounting a tough-skinned insect with a too blunt pin he screwed himself into her” deserves a mention.

Andrew also deserves credit for pointing out this open letter to newspaper photographers, which has a lot of good advice even if it is geared to daily photogs.

Last week it was “BC Daily Deals” (which admittedly also turned up on numerous other Black press websites). Then it was a super creepy photo. Now, a moving drugstore. Really, Langley Times? I’m not trying to single you out, but you’re making it really, really tough.

The Maple Ridge News photog Colleen Flanagan, meanwhile, pulls off the seemingly impossible task of very tastefully shooting a stripper with a handful of 20-dollar bills in her stilettos, bra and short shorts. The story by Monisha Martins is pretty good too.


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Photo by Roger H. Goun via Flickr

Car bombs, crossbows and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

November 25, 2010 Comments off

Crusied through the Lower Mainland papers and came across the following stories.

Good work by David Burke at the Squamish Chief on that insane improvised explosive device (a.k.a. car bomb) in Whistler the other day. Plenty of neighbour quotes makes for good reading.

Nice short story by Mitch Thompson of the Maple Ridge Times on those crazies who dress up like they lived in medieval Europe. Nice photo too.

Wow, wow, wow. This is just abominable. I feel for Marco Morelli. This story/ad was run in the Bowen Island Undercurrent and Langley Times. Morelli actually did as good a job as one could expect and thankfully buried the Black Press angle. But still… I didn’t want to write anything negative today but this is just too much. At very least the story should acknowledge that Black Press owns the paper the story appeared in. And the headline… “Group buying phenomenon offers a great deal for everyone.” Oh my.

Lighter fare (in a good way) from the Burnaby NewsLeader’s Wanda Chow, who breaks a story about Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer’s Burnaby connection.

Great ongoing court reporting from the Surrey Now’s Tom Zytaruk on the murder trial of Muhktiar Singh Panghali (whose name I had to copy and paste just to get it right).

The submitted photo on this Langley Times story is very, very creepy…

Michael McQuillin‘s story in the the New Westminster NewsLeader about the collateral damage that may be caused by a proposed new overpass is terrific. He actually personalizes a traffic story. Mario Bartel‘s photo is awesome too. Story also links to a powerpoint presentationon the NewsLeader’s Facebook (!) page.

Simple but well written story on a new swim coach by Phillip Raphael in the South Delta Leader.

Finally, a cool snow football picby Fred Schaad.

Photo by Victoria Reay via Flickr
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