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Another PR Peak Q&A

April 11, 2011 Comments off

So it would seem that I wasn’t the only person with the genius idea to send a bunch of questions to the Powell River Peak’s Tyson Fandrick about his newfangled iPhone/iPad/iEverything else app. Catherine Litt of the Kamloops Daily News did pretty much the same thing on her  B.C. Newspapers Blog.

But I got it up first so first, to Catherine: “Na na na na nana. In your face!”

That said, you can read her post here.


B.C. Reporter declares war on its competitors

March 6, 2011 2 comments

In the space of two freaking days, this blog suddenly gained two competitors. Thus, I hereby announce my desire to destroy them both.

Or not.

Seriously, it’s great to see Kamloops Daily News associate editor Catherine Litt and another mysterious (that’s my thing!) blogger start writing on the interwebs this weekend.

Catherine uses Tumblr for her “B.C. Newspapers Blog.” Here’s an intro of sorts to her blog:

While I do believe the end is nigh for traditional newsprint products, you won’t find me bemoaning that point. Instead, I’ll focus on the opportunities (and there are many) that await those of us willing to embrace change.

The “Northern Reporter,” meanwhile, uses Blogger for his/her aptly named “The Northern Reporter.” Here’s the last sentence of his/her description:

This isn’t a journalism blog, exactly. I’d call it a personal blog about journalism. I’m here to share my pain of learning the ropes in a newsroom, because I’ve discovered that as far as pain goes, this job has a fair bit of it.


I’m pumped to have company, and hopefully Catherine and NR can keep up the excellent output.

Each has already provided a pretty good laugh. Catherine on interactive newsprint, and the NR on a Rossland story that deserves a bee-plus for punnery.

Copy this idea: Kamloops Daily News edition (updated w/ comment)

March 4, 2011 3 comments

A good reporter knows to follow his or her own curiosity to dig up good stories. Whenever you find yourself puzzling over something unexplained phenomenon in your town, there’s a pretty good chance a half-decent story isn’t too far away.

When one person has a question, it’s a good chance many others are wondering the same thing. The Kamloops Daily News has taken that idea to a new (or, at least, newish) level by asking reader’s to write in with their curious questions about life in the city.

The best of those questions are handed off to KDN reporter/associate editor Catherine Litt for a regular “Reader’s Reporter” column.

The questions often result in interesting stories, even about dry topics (See Jan. 4’s “Why use such big gravel on the highway?“)

Of course, any newspaper anywhere can copy the idea. The feature is not only interesting and (seems) relatively easy to produce, but it’s also a great way to create a sense of community ownership in a newspaper.


P.S. Catherine comments below:

Our Q&A feature under the Reader’s Reporter banner has proven to be a real success with our readership. Not a week goes by without someone mentioning to me that they look forward to reading the Q&As.

By the way, this idea isn’t new. There is at least one newspaper in the U.S. that’s been doing a similar thing for a few years now, again with success. About a year ago, I brought the concept to our editor, Mel Rothenburger; he loved it and gave me the go-ahead to put it under our already established Reader’s Reporter department.

In all honesty, he deserves a lot of credit for buying into such a ‘seemingly’ non-journalism concept. Colleagues of mine rolled their eyes at the idea. I think the perception was that so-called serious journalists shouldn’t be wasting time hunting down answers to questions about highway gravel. They’ve warmed to the idea since.

Anyway, I would certainly encourage other papers in B.C. to copy the idea. If they’re lucky like I was, they’ll have an editor who is open-minded and eager to try new ways of reaching out to readers.
p.s. Thanks for taking notice of our little Q&A feature.

Journo-Jobs, revised edition (Jan. 21)

January 21, 2011 Comments off

I’m not going to post extensively every Friday on new jobs because, really, you can (and probably will) go to Gaulin if you want a job that bad. Instead, I’ll  try to use Fridays to post on comings and goings and those job postings that say something larger about the industry.

So without further ado, Marlyn Graziano has been named publisher of the Postmedia-owned Surrey Now. She takes over for Gary Hollick. Marlyn was the editor of the paper until 2000, when she took over as editorial director of Canwest Community Publishing. Marlyn’s also been a reporter and editor at South Delta Today, North Delta Optimiest and White Rock/Surrey Sounder.

She’ll stay on as editorial director.

So good news for all Postmedia editors who want to run the show.

In other news, Kamloops Daily News city editor Susan Duncan is leaving Kamloops This Week, as tweeted by associate news editor Catherine Litt yesterday. Her job was also posted yesterday on Gaulin. Closes Jan. 21.

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