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Kamloops Daily News’ Rothenburger to retire

June 7, 2012

In a column in today’s paper, longtime Kamloops Daily News editor Mel Rothenburger announced that he plans to retire this fall.

Mel writes:

I’ve been thinking about it awhile, but when I hit 68 this spring I started thinking about it more. So, on Friday afternoon, Sept. 14, in the 42nd year since I began working here, I will stop beating up on keyboards at The Daily News, and move out of the way for someone who will treat them better.


Last year, Mel received the 2011 Bruce Hutchinson Lifetime Achievement Award at the Jack Webster Awards. He’s also won some awards over the years, maybe for lines like these, from today’s column:

I’ve noticed a few things about being in my 60s, too. I’ve noticed, for example, that I’m the only one left in the office who pounds on a computer keyboard as if it was a typewriter. I’ve gone through three of them this month.

I’ve noticed there’s a note taped to my monitor that says, “Have you tweeted today?” and that I just ignore it.

  1. J
    June 9, 2012 at 2:18 pm

    -A good choice of time for ‘The Roth’ to take interest in the world in other ways…I mean how can you serve a community for 42 years and then expect to still have something to say without almost bashing someone’s head in? -Afterall, he did a stint as Mayor of Kamloops (a good one) and then had to find ways of “sort of” staying neutral and objective with ‘bozos’ like Krueger to cover once in awhile, plus not to mention the very ups and downs of a cow-town like K’lum-kloops (Meeting of the Waters)…”Not always the minds.”
    No, he did ok., except when he wanted to re-name the Overlander Bridge with something to do with the Gaglardi family: he took a big jolt from the locals for that thought/idea/process, et al. But, hey, in 42 big ones I’d say he won more than he lost….

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