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Show me the money

April 23, 2012

You may notice a new button on the right. It says “Donate.” It means just what you think. This is your chance to show just how much this blog means to you (that said, there is no way to extract donations from yours truly). If you want to give me money for operating this blog, that’s how to do so (I got the idea from Kamloops Daily News sports editor Gregg Drinnan‘s excellent WHL blog). At this point, my big goal is to make back the $10 or so that I spent to mail that Hunter S. Thompson book last week. Feel free to compensate me duly. Also, if you have any idea on how to spend Paypal dollars, I would appreciate the advice.

I promise to spend one-third of everything I receive on future silly and juvenile contests. In the interest of openness, I’ll maintain a running total of the amount of donations received (but donors will remain anonymous).

Is there a reason I shouldn’t take donations? Leave me a comment. There is, I guess, a risk of corruption. Somebody could (very, very, very etc. hypothetically) donate thousands of dollars to me with the hope that I would take it easy on a certain company, or aim my glare elsewhere. I promise to resist such urges. I’ll also point out that my current employer pays me tens of thousands of dollars (!!!) and I think I can reasonably say it has not altered what I write here.

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