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Osoyoos Times editor apologizes

February 12, 2012

Osoyoos Times editor Keith Lacey posted an apology today to the RCMP officer he singled out in his notorious column last week.

It reads:

I owe a sincere and heartfelt apology to Cpl. Ryan S. McLeod of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for comments that appeared in the Wednesday, Feb. 8 edition of the Osoyoos Times.

I fully realize the experienced officer was only doing his job the night in question and my over reaction to what happened between him and I was inappropriate, regardless of what transpired during those 20 minutes.

It was also inappropriate to insist the encounter was embarrassing and humiliating as the officer was respectful at all times in conducting his duties.

Police officers have a very difficult job to do and Cpl. McLeod was simply performing his duties on the night in question and it was not appropriate for me to react the way I did and for that, I remain deeply sorry.

As has been pointed out to me in clear detail since this incident, Cpl. McLeod takes the issue of drinking and driving very seriously and he is well within his rights as a police officer in British Columbia to pull over anyone he suspects may have been consuming alcohol.

Once the readings were revealed, the officer did tell me I was free to go and, once again, there was a complete over reaction on my part.

I realize I let emotion get the better of me, which I sincerely regret.

As a veteran journalist, I know the power of words and much of the language and comments I made about Cpl. McLeod in the performance of his duties were uncalled for.

Cpl. McLeod did not at any time attempt to humiliate or embarrass me and he handled himself professionally and was not confrontational during our encounter.

He did not deserve to be singled out for simply doing his job and I remain truly sorry for what has transpired.

Cpl. McLeod does not make the laws of Canada or British Columbia, but simply enforces them and my inability to acknowledge and recognize this comes with deep regret.

My written account was unfair to Cpl. McLeod and fellow RCMP officers and I assure you this will not happen again.

I deeply regret this incident ever occurred and the damage I have caused to Cpl. McLeod’s reputation.

Keith Lacey

Editor – Osoyoos Times

A very nice apology, indeed. Although the last sentence would be more accurate if he substituted his own name for that of McLeod (whose reputation, I think, remains very much intact).




  1. Pierre ti-lou
    February 14, 2012 at 7:55 am

    As a retired Senior NCO of the RCMP I need to take this opportunity to commend Cpl. McLeod for his professionalism and cool demeanor as well as his dedication to his duty. Furthermore, I need to to mention how proud I am that the immediate supervisor of Cpl. McLeod all the way up the chain of command agreed to address this issue with such conviction and seek retraction and/or correction on the matter.Thanks to the good pen of Supt Ray Bernoties, Cpl. McLeod’s reputation was maintained and that of the editor tarnished by his own doing.

    Through out my career I have seen too often misquote or embellished stories go unchallenged or just plainly ignore either because it was too time consuming or just plain lack of desire to take on the challenge at hand. Even I have been misquoted and had to suffer the brunt of it as my supervisors at the time failed to do what these supervisors did in this case.

    Therefore, hats off to the individuals that have taken the time to seek correction on this matter. The Force has suffered it’s share of not so good reputation lately and anyone who works at turning this around is worthy of mention.

    Good job and hope to read more of these stories.

  2. February 12, 2012 at 5:26 pm

    Well the petition to have him fired is still going strong.. http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/fire-osoyoos-times-editor-keith-lacey.html

    How he went from saying he would not apologize to that apology in a day is too far a stretch for it to be sincere.

  3. February 12, 2012 at 2:53 pm

    I agree with your statement. I don’t believe Mr. Lacey has damaged Cpl. McLeod’s reputation at all. His own has been very much damaged, though — along with his credibility, both of which he ought to have treated with much more respect, given his chosen profession.

    I noted that his apology was posted by an account called “admin” and not under his own name as other posts on the Osoyoos Times have been. I am speculating now that he has been dismissed. I don’t think it could be described as a very wild speculation, however.

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