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More Courier/Sun sniping, this time with lingerie and coffee

February 9, 2012

In which the Courier’s Kudos & Kvetches column takes aim at the Vancouver Sun and the coffee it’s brewing to celebrate its 100th birthday, Pete McMartin takes a little offence and fires back using a Sun cannon composed of 38 Webster Awards, only to have Kudos & Kvetches use a hastily constructed lingerie slingshot to launch a new assault.

A sampling:

Kudos (from the online version that is, apparently, a little different than the print version:

Unfortunately, the full-bodied flavour quickly gave way to empty filler not unlike running an op-ed piece from the L.A. Times about how “we” Americans lack a monarch like Queen Elizabeth.


In that last decade in which our editorial shift has supposedly become less dense, Sun staffers have won 38 Jack Webster Awards, which celebrate the best journalism in the province. The Courier has won none. But who’s counting?

Kudos (again):

Initially we were going to launch a scathing rebuttal and blame our lack of Websters on corporate conspiracy, but we were too distracted by a story the Sun had just posted to its website: “Abbotsford gets Lingerie Football League team” and the completely necessary 17-picture photo gallery that really fleshed out the issue for us. Mind you, it wasn’t quite as investigative as the 40-image Lingerie Football League gallery posted last year—on the same day the paper, possibly ironically, launched its Raise a Reader campaign.

So what do I think of the Vancouver Sun? First of all, the web product is laughable, and obviously the byproduct of marketing idiots, so I’m not going to touch it (beyond that sentence—although I’d pause to mention that the awesome Pass It To Bulis is the future of sports coverage). The print version does, as McMartin notes, boast a bunch of good stuff. But while each reporter does great work (Kim Bolan, Chad Skelton and Vaughn Palmer are my top three and cover their beats better than anyone in Western Canada), there simply aren’t all that many reporters at the Sun covering The News anymore. Yes, there are a few and they are very good. But pick up a paper and the front section is downright skimpy with the paper’s heft filled out in the back end. Maybe it’s economically necessary, but it has definitely hurt the quality of the paper. One must only drive south to Seattle and pick up a copy of the Times to see that the Sun could offer much more, both in terms of non-institutional, on-the-ground reporting, and in the way it covers the entire Vancouver metro area. That’s not the fault of any of the great writers there, of course. But someone is to blame (I volunteer the guy who drove Postmedia into mountains of debt).

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  1. February 9, 2012 at 4:02 pm

    Who ARE not reading it. #forgottoproofread

  2. February 9, 2012 at 3:47 pm

    Not going to weigh in on this one since I frequently write for the Courier, a paper that managed to celebrate its own centennial in 2008 without any coffee-related marketing of its own. Just wanted to say you’re dead right about Pass It To Bulis. Any Canucks fans who not reading it are truly missing out.

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