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Weekend reading

December 30, 2011

It’s always slow over the Christmas-to-New-Year’s year-in-review fiesta, but, briefly, here are two stories deserving to be mentioned.

First of all, Kamloops This Week’‘s Tim Petruk went to jail to speak to a man suspected of murdering his ex-girlfriend and stabbing an undercover cop. Tim’s been consistently leading the way on this story and this latest coup shows that sometimes it pays off to send a hail-Mary-ish letter to a guy in jail in the faint hope that he’ll invite you over to chat.

And second, the Richmond Review‘s Martin van den Hemel apparently broke the story that Gregor Robertson’s foster son is facing serious drug and gun charges. Stories about a politician’s family are often dicey: it seems weird that certain stories become newsworthy just because of a tangential link to a prominent person. But this one is clearly fair game, given the seriousness of the charges.

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