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CCNA photo award winners, with judges comments

May 1, 2011

As previously done for the CCNA’s special competitions and writing awards, I’m going to recap the B.C. and Yukon winners of the CCNA photo awards and ignore everyone else. So without further, or really any, ado, here we go.

Best Spot News Photo – Circ. 4,000 to 12,499

GOLD – Kevin Grumtza, Redwater (AB) Review

SILVER – Wawmeesh G. Hamilton, Port Alberni (BC) Alberni Valley News

Judge Ted Brown: “Second place winner Wawmeesh G. Hamilton of the Alberni Valley News in British Columbia had an equally strong photo of a person in a wheelchair being attended to by a paramedic after being hit by a car. With its tight cropping, all the elements of the photo tell the story – the two people, the crumpled wheelchair – nothing else is needed. The only thing that would have improved this photo would have been to run it larger, so the interaction of the two people was more visible.”

BRONZE – Josephine Johnson, Clarenville (NL) The Packet

Best Spot News Photo – Circ. more than 1250

GOLD – David Mah, Prince George (BC) Prince George Citizen

Judge Lyonel Doherty wrote: “It was a joy to see the work of so many talented photographers in this category – a tough category to compete in, not to mention judge. Some photographers entered technically great picture, but the “spot news” aspect just wasn’t there in the true sense of the term. In my mind, these photos would have finished in the top three in other categories, such as best sports or feature photo.

“But David Mah from the Prince George Citizen didn’t fall into that gray area. His photo of a ‘gunned down’ homicide victim took top honours for obvious reasons. He was there to capture this horrific moment even before the sheet was draped over the deceased. His photo is the definition of spot news despite the morbid
subject matter. The cutline could have been longer, but the story explains it all.”

SILVER – Andrew Leong, Duncan (BC) Cowichan News Leader Pictorial

Doherty wrote: “Kudos to Andrew Leong from the Cowichan News Leader Pictorial for his Norman Rockwell approach. This truly classic photo of a firefighter consoling a child almost earned him first place; it was that close. He captured everything – spot news, emotion, great composition and exposure.”

BRONZE – Dave Eagles, Kamloops (BC) Kamloops This Week

Doherty wrote: “Looking at the photo by Dave Eagles from Kamloops This Week really made me feel for the distraught homeowner. When I first started pouring over the 46 entries, this was the photo I immediately set aside, knowing it would likely make the top three. Dave definitely caught the moment here; a second later and it  may have been lost. A more tightly cropped photo would have made the image even stronger.  Photographers who want to win categories like this have to step out of their comfort zone and go where others are afraid to go. Being there at the right time helps, too.

Best Feature Photo – Circ. up to 3,999

GOLD – Lachlan Labere, Sicamous (BC) Eagle Valley News

Judge Debra Downey wrote: “Lachlan Labere’s photograph of Girl Guides preparing to lay wreaths during the Remembrance Day ceremony stood out above the crowd for the sheer emotion it invokes in the viewer. The youngsters’ faces reveal the pain and puzzlement of the moment, all perfectly framed and captured in vivid colour.”

SILVER – Karen Longwell, Bracebridge (ON) Examiner

BRONZE – Pan Snow, Lewisporte (NL) The Pilot

Best Feature Photo – Circ. 4,000 to 12,499

Judge Reg Vertolli wrote: “Out of the three categories that we usually see in photojournalism (news sports and features) feature seems to be the category that is misunderstood the most. At times we will see photos from the other two categories inadvertently entered into the feature category or perhaps some photos may have a double life. Judging the feature photo category can be as difficult as entering. Due to the different interpretations of the category’s definition it collects a wide array of images. In photojournalism, feature photos are defined as an ‘unposed shot with eye-catching subject matter and storytelling qualities.’ The topic arose recently on the National Press photographers Internet discussion where one member defined them as ‘photos that celebrate life,’ and another said it was a ‘slice of life that could catch the reader’s attention.’ In my opinion the best definition is to create an exceptional image that captures a moment during a common, everyday occurance.”

GOLD – Ian Stewart, Whitehorse/Yukon Territory (YT) The Yukon News

Vertolli wrote: “The Yukon News stood out as the clear first placewinner. The photo was a delight to look at and reminded me of an impressionist painting. While simple in execution, the image leaves you with a sense of awe for nature and may have been a moment that another photographer would have overlooked or missed completely.”

SILVER – Krista Bryce, Nanaimo (BC) Nanaimo Daily News

Vertolli: “Nanaimo Daily News’ image is totally different then the first place photo. The moment
in the photo is captured with layers of story telling components well placed from the foreground to the

BRONZE – Steve Dills, Sylvan Lake (AB) News

Best Feature Photo – Circ. more than 12,500

Judge Connie Tabbert also mused about what makes a feature photo: “Every reporter should know how to take a good feature photo. Now, the question is, what is a feature photo. For this judge, it’s a photo that can stand on its own. For some reporters, it would seem it’s a photo that goes with a feature story.

“As I reviewed each tear sheet, it was clear which would be the winning photo because it jumped right out
at me. I had a reaction to it right away — it made me laugh, which made me want to read the cutline. While
reviewing the photos, 10 stood out right away. While it saves space, editors should remember not to ruin a
good photo by putting print on it. Photographers should also remember not to take the same photos over
and over for various themes, such as rodeos and end of the school year. The top three photos were very close, coming in one point away from each other.”

GOLD – Sean Connor, Kelowna (BC) Capital News

Tabbert: “The first place photo by Sean Connor … is wonderful. It got a reaction from me right away. I even showed it to a co-worker at the time. It has news value, can stand on its own and the cutline says it all in one sentence. Sean was in the right place at the right time for this photo. The editor also saw the potential of a great photo and made it front and centre.”

SILVER – Don Denton, Victoria (BC) Victoria News

Tabbert: “Photographer Don Denton, Victoria News, Victoria, B.C., captured this photo at the right moment. It made me think of the movie The Birds by Alfred Hitchcock. I felt bad for the young girl. I can only hope it didn’t keep Sophie from coming back to feed the birds. It was a good second-place finisher.

BRONZE – Jon Borgstrom, Georgetown/Acton (ON) Independent/Free Press

Best Sports Photo – Circ. more than 12,50

GOLD – Paul Rudan, Campbell River (BC) Campbell River Mirror

Judge Eric Howald wrote: “The Campbell River Mirror’s Paul Rudan captures the moment after the White Sox win the PeeWee House league championship. The photo was well displayed and the reproduction was excellent.”

SILVER – Paul VanPeenen, Coquitlam/Pt. Coquitlam/Pt. Moody (BC) The Now

Howald wrote: “It takes time and patience to get a good volleyball shot like the one entered by Paul VanPeenen of Coquitlam Now and high school gyms have notoriously poor lighting in which to work. It’s a good photo and shows the intensity of the game.

BRONZE – Ron Pietroniro, Oshawa (ON) This Week

Best Photo Essay – Circ. up to 3,999

GOLD – Patricia Harcourt, Tofield (AB) Mercury

SILVER – Janice Huser, St. Paul (AB) St. Paul Journal

BRONZE – Alicia Newman, Powell River (BC) The Powell River Peak

Judge Shelley Lipke wrote: “Alicia Newman’s essay of the Olympic Torch relay stood out from other entries of the same category for third place.”

Best Sports Photo – Circ. 4,000 to 12,499

Judge Vern Faulkner wrote: “Too many entrants felt that slapping a collection of random pictures onto a page would do the trick – not so. The three nominees (and a few of the runners-up) got the idea: tell a story. Think of insets. Conjure emotion. Kelly Clemmer (x2) and Mike Thomas got this. Good collection of faces, good storytelling, excellent arrangement of images carried the day.

“A suggestion to others: Rodeos are popular – but if there’s a half-dozen rodeo collages, what will set yours apart? Show me the clown drinking during a break. Show me a cowboy taping up a gimped leg. Show me an inset of a cowboy boot and a mud-encrusted, broken spur. Make me feel the sweat, dirt and mid-summer sun. Same with parades – what makes your parade pictures different? Think creatively! (And please, don’t over-sharpen!)”

GOLD – Kelly Clemmer, Wainwright (AB) Edge

SILVER – Mike Thomas, Whitehorse/Yukon Territory (YT) The Yukon News

BRONZE – Kelly Clemmer, Wainwright (AB) The Wainwright Star

Best Sports Photo – Circ. more than 12,500

GOLD – R Peitronico, R Pfeiffer, S Byrnes, J Liebregts, Oshawa (ON) This Week

SILVER – Sabrina Byrnes, Whitby (ON) This Week

BRONZE – Staff entry, Westshore (BC) Goldstream News

Judge Karen Wells wrote: “The third place staff entry from the Goldstream News Gazette featured A Day In The Life of West Shore. This entry was neck and neck with another similar Day in the Life entry but came out on top with an appealing front page and variety of photos that covered every aspect of the life in the West Shore from a singer songwriter in her bedroom at midnight, music in her bedroom just after midnight, to people washing their trucks at a car wash, and a barber shop haircut to the area nightlife. An entertaining collection.”

Best Photo Illustration – Circ. open

GOLD – Gladzy Kei Zuniga, Jasper (AB) The Fitzhugh

SILVER – Troy Landreville, Langley (BC) Langley Advance

Judge Laura Schmid wrote: “This composition was seamless, flowing and balanced – a perfect example of how a simple idea can speak volumes when well executed. The image’s background creates a sense of motion, and the skater’s pose and facial expression capture determination and hope. The illustration was fresh approach and related directly to the headline, enticing viewers to read on.”

BRONZE – Colleen Green, Port Perry (ON) Scugog/Uxbridge Standard

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