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Thumbs up, thumbs down for the 2011 CCNAs

April 30, 2011

The 2011 Canadian Community Newspaper Association awards are done, which means we can start judging the awards presentations themselves. This comes from a confidant who may or may not be myself who attended the event. So here we go:

Thumbs up: To the River Rock venue and having the awards in B.C. Great venue, nice atmosphere.

Thumbs down: To the lack of hors d’ouevres at the pre-awards reception

Thumbs up: To the menu: crazy fruity salad, tender steak, and fluffy cheesecake.

Thumbs down: To the quantity of vittles. When a journalist gets a free meal, he or she wants to leave full.

Thumbs up: To host Arthur Black’s reading of the winners. Speedy, calm and gave those who were there to pick up their awards time to shine, before moving on.

Thumbs down: To Black’s speech. It started with laugh lines that got no laughs (by now we’ve all heard the one about the “Worthwhile Canadian Initiative”), turned into a takedown of photojournalism, then rambled into a story about delivering a boring speech that got admittedly poor review for some blue-collar workers. Awkward, considering this speech wasn’t exactly a barn-burner.

Thumbs up: To the CDs with the winners and judges comments that were handed out to attendees.

Thumbs down: To the lack of a book. A CD won’t last. Books do. Plus this is an awards ceremony for the print industry. Give us paper or give us death.

Thumbs up: To the Yukon News and Whistler Question, for their award-hoarding ways.

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Photo by .Reid via Flickr.
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