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Citizen’s Trick retires after 31 years

April 12, 2011

Long-long-long-time Prince George Citizen reporter Bernice Trick has retired. The Citizen honoured Bernice, who spent 31 years (!) with the paper, with a pair of articles and a decent-looking cake last Friday.

Bernice had covered a range of beats during her time at the paper.

Over the years Trick has reported on some of the city’s most important and historical moments.

“I’ve had some fantastic stories, just absolutely unbelievable stories,” she said. “I covered the city beat when Discovery Place went down in flames and up from the ashes rose the Civic Centre, CN Centre, the Aquatic Centre and the [Two Rivers] Art Gallery. And the emergence of UNBC and, oh, the problems we had with University Way. There were slides that just kept coming down.”

Although Trick is retiring from her full-time position, she has no plans of putting her pen out to pasture. She is planning to work part-time as a freelancer, doing special sections and advertising copy for the Citizen.


Before moving to Prince George, she had started a paper called The Little Dipper in MacKenzie.

The other story’s here and Prince George Free Press editor Bill Phillips says nice things here.

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