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Province steals/borrows without permission copy from Black Press’s Jeff Nagel

March 22, 2011

In recent months, and for one reason or another, The Province has been making mistakes that would be horrible for a one-editor community newspaper, not to mention a major daily with dozens of editors and supposed safeguards against errors.

Today’s page three, though, takes the cake.

Open the paper up and you’ll see a story written by Jeff Nagel, of Postmedia News. At the end, the story’s attributed to Postmedia’s Times-Colonist.

Of course, Jeff Nagel doesn’t work for Postmedia. Jeff Nagel works for Black Press as a roving Lower Mainland reporter. And the story The Province used wasn’t from the Times-Colonist, it came from its competitor, the Victoria News.

If Jeff wants to chime leave a comment on how The Province is trying to make amends for their boo boo, it would be much appreciated.

On his Twitter feed, he’s giving Postmedia the benefit of the doubt and attributing it to simple incompetence:

Seems @TheProvince erred and ran story of mine complete with Nagel byline on page 3 today. My bosses are less amused than I was.

Dunno. Likely someone scraped & parked my copy, intending to replace when T-C version arrived. Only they forgot.

You said it not me! It wasn’t exactly a complicated piece: 90 per cent oppose ‘grab’ of pre-paid ferry tickets http://t.co/CRuAwc7

‘Stole’ would mean mens rea. I’m willing to believe incompetence rather than intent is the answer.

I’ll have a deeper analysis about what this mistake says about the state of Postmedia’s papers tomorrow morning.

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