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Nanaimo protest photo sparks debate

March 17, 2011

The things people get exercised about.

Last week the Nanaimo News Bulletin ran a photo by Ian Bush of a student protesting education cuts by holding a sign proclaiming “Let’s cut drama and call it a day.”

Sounds innocent, right? Nope. apparently the paper would have been better off running a photo of a stripper performing an abortion.

Anyways, the outcry (?!?!) prompted a column from Bulletin editor Mitch Wright.

He wrote:

However, in response to his own suggestion that a ‘better’ picture could have been chosen, which echoes the sentiments of many of the online comments, I must advise that this was an excellent photo, in that it depicted an admirable effort to advance the conversation about university funding.

That’s why it was chosen.

Our decisions are never made lightly (in this case, made by myself, the editor, with input from my staff). Nor do we make decisions simply to incite emotional responses or sensationalize a story.

A story or photo might generate high emotions, but our goal as journalists is always to inform our readers, to encourage critical thinking and to inspire others to action.


File this one in the The-weird-thing-people-get-upset-about bin.

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