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Would you like some wine with your story of the day?

March 9, 2011

Over the next six weeks I’m going to try and showcase some of the stories up for awards.

The goal is to post a link to, and excerpt from, one article each day most days around lunch. We’ll see how that goes.

Featured today is Judie Steeves‘s report on the Okanagan wine industry for the Kelowna Capital News. The story is up for the Ma Murray for best business writing award.

In the past couple of decades B.C.’s wines have popped out of the paper bag and into a place of honour on the global wine stage.

They’ve gone from being the cartoon, with labels like Fuddle Duck and Baby Duck, to being serious art, like Calona Vineyards’ Artist Series, with original art on the label as well as in the bottle.

And, along the way, winemakers went from being geeks working in the background to ‘rock stars’ accepting tributes in the foreground—along with chefs in today’s food-and-wine-loving society.

…Spawned in response to the Free Trade Agreement with the U.S., the revolution in B.C.’s wine industry was the result of a determination by grape growers and winemakers to keep the industry afloat despite a sea of imports that threatened to drown it.

To do so, they ripped out acres and acres of hybrid grapes and replanted with premium viniferas, turning the industry on its ear in the process.

Soon admits in the early days they had to import grapes to make B.C. wines palatable—the local grapes were so bad.


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