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Prince George Citizen says sports section has too much hockey

March 3, 2011

This is old news, but interesting nonetheless.

From Kelowna radio sports reporter Regan Bartel’s blog comes the following:

It was nice to run into Jim Swanson at Saturday’s game. ‘Swanny’ is moving on after getting dumped by the Prince George Citizen newspaper in November. To think the paper had a gripe with him because he provided too much hockey coverage. That’s like firing a car salesman for selling too many cars. If management thinks the masses that read the ‘Citizen’ would like more information on the local bowling scene, they are sadly mistaken.

Jim was the sports editor at the Citizen. I’m not sure all the details about his end at the paper, or where he is now, but this is the second report I heard about the Citizen deciding the sports section had too much hockey.

I don’t have the details so I’ll reserve judgment except to note that Prince George is the only city in the province to have both a major junior hockey team (the Prince George Cougars) and a Junior A squad (the Prince George Spruce Kings). If there was a lot of hockey in the Citizen, one reason is that Prince George simply has more quality hockey to cover than anywhere else outside of Vancouver (with the Canucks and Giants) and Victoria (with the ECHL Salmon Kings and Junior A Grizzlies).

  1. March 3, 2011 at 7:02 pm

    I worked for the Prince George Free Press for about three months and sat beside Jim Swanson at many a Cougars hockey game. And the Spruce Kings. So much hockey. I didn’t get to know Jim (three months isn’t that much time) but myself, I was overwhelmed with the amount of hockey coverage that was required in that town for the same reasons you noted.

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