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Salmon Arm Observer covers the sudden death of co-worker

February 28, 2011

The family of Louise Phillips, the Salmon Arm Observer office manager who died under suspicious circumstances earlier this month, spoke to Barb Brouwer last week about their loss.

The story is unbelievably sad, but well written and compassionate.

In Salmon Arm now because of his mother’s death last Friday, 24-year-old Eli has two tickets left behind at his Calgary home — tickets that will never be used.

Eli and his mother planned to attend a concert by the band Heart, yesterday. Louise had bought the tickets last fall as a birthday gift to Eli and had planned to fly to Calgary for the event.


In a separate story, Barb writes about the deep sense of loss experienced by her co-workers at the Observer. There are quotes by numerous staffers. Barb writes:

There is a hole in the hearts of all of us who work at the Observer.

One of our own was taken from us suddenly Friday and all of us in the Observer family are trying to absorb the unimaginable.

To this reporter, Louise was a dear friend, confidante and walking buddy who was, like other members of the Observer family, a beneficiary of her loving kindness. I will miss her more than words can express. I loved her.


And editor Tracy Hughes pens a terrific and heart-wrenching column:

Shock, horror, disbelief.

When my phone rang on Saturday with the horrific news that one of our own staff members was killed, disbelief is the first thing that hit.

Louise Phillips, I thought. Is there another Louise Phillips in town? That simply can’t be our Louise.

No, not the sweet lady who greeted me at the door every morning, who never had a cross word, who hand-sewed picture frames for all three of my children so my oldest wouldn’t feel left out when the newborn twins were being showered with attention.

It just couldn’t be that lady.

And yet it was.


There has been no more news on how Phillips may have died since it was reported early last week.

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