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J-Source is hiring…in Toronto, of course

February 22, 2011

Here’s an interesting job posting:

J-Source is hiring an associate editor. You only need a couple years of experience, but the job is based in Toronto and pays between $35,000 and $40,000 a year. More…

The Associate Editor is directly responsible for managing all content on J-Source, acting as both a reporter and editor as necessary. You will be linking to, writing and posting news, features and commentary about what is happening in Canadian journalism: resources to help reporters, writers and editors; professional practices, ethics and media law; how journalism is taught and studied; and, academic research on the profession and the industry. While the site is targeted primarily to journalists, our audience also includes researchers, professors, students and the general public. J-Source.ca and its French counterpart ProjetJ.ca are projects of the Canadian Journalism Foundation (CJF) in collaboration with journalism schools and organizations across Canada.

I have just one issue with it:

I love J-Source, but it seems that this is one of those jobs that would allow for which telecommuting should be allowed. I’m not sure that we need another Toronto-centric media operation. I’m usually not a Toronto hater, but I think that Toronto tends to be over-represented in conversations in the media, about the media. (That said, things still aren’t as bad as in the United States, where New York really is the centre of the media universe). I think it would be good for the editor to live in a major Canadian city, but perhaps a city other than Toronto or Ottawa deserves a turn.

P.S. When I saw the posting, I thought “Oh, cool!” But the more I think about it, the less I would want the job. Seems like it would get depressing, after a while, to have to follow the journalism industry that closely (which, I guess, begs the question as to why I’m running this blog; but I prefer not to think about that).

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