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Cougars, regulators and driver licences

February 21, 2011

Northern roundup this Monday.

The wild, wild west story of the week award goes to Ken Alexander of the 100 Mile House Free Press, who reports on a couple  who woke up one morning to find a cougar just outside the house gnawing on a shoe.

Dirk says it stayed on the deck and just continued to gnaw on his shoe.

“She totally destroyed it, but what am I going to do with one shoe,” he says, chuckling.


Anyways, the cougar was apparently starving and conservation officers ended up shooting it

Also in the Free Press, Carole Rooney writes that the CRTC denied an application from a proposed FM radio station because it would threaten the viability of the existing AM station. The applicants, of course, dispute this. Whatever the case, seems to my inner Adam Smith (last seen here) that if a new station is really going to poach all the existing listeners, then the old station probably deserves and needs the competition to get back on track. I’m very, very, very thankful there’s no CRTC legislating who can, and who cannot, start newspapers.

Alaska Highway News reporter Ryan Lux finally gets his B.C. driver’s licence and declares that personal vehicle ownership isn’t sinful, even if transferring licences across borders can be a major pain in the ass.

Headline in Houston Today: “RCMP seeking more input on alleged multi-person fight.” Those single-person fights are so much easier to investigate.

Photo by Dick Schumacher
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