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Hide the children, Swarmjam returns

February 17, 2011

The fucking bee returns

You know something awful?

Apparently all Postmedia employees, including editorial staff, at some of their Lower Mainland community paper are being told that they have to add a Swarmjam logo to their e-mail signatures.

Maybe Postmedia’s new slogan is “We Are All Whores Now.”

Give me a fucking break.

Sure, Swarmjam might be a great way to make up money lost as papers’ classifieds sections whither and die. But SwarmJam is going to succeed or fail if it offers good deals for readers, not by having Postmedia whore out all its reporters, or by pimping shameless Swarmjam advertorial in the news pagers.

And you know what else? Maybe the folks behind Swarmjam need to iron out a few kinks so that people who search for the following terms stop coming to my site.

Here’s a partial list of those searches:

swarmjam review
swarmjam screwed
swarmjam is a joke
swarmjam bad experience
how much did postmedia spend on swarmjam
swarmjam bad
swarmjam dependable
swarmjam problems
swarmjam lame
writing for swarmjam (!?!)
better than swarmjam

That might be a good place to start.

Photo by Joshua Ganderson via Flickr.
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