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Nelsonitis and Kamloopox

February 5, 2011

I can’t help but noticing that I’ve written quite a bit about various goings-on in Kamloops and Nelson.

Reason 1, of course, is the fact that there have been interesting developments in both cities, what with the closing of the Express and the banning of Gregg Drinnan.

Reason 2 is the advanced and relatively competitive media culture in Nelson and Kamloops, which are both hubs for the surrounding region.

Reason 3, though, is where this blog’s readers come in. It’s because of certain readers in those two markets have been particularly helpful in directing my attention towards stories and shenanigans that I find interesting.

My thanks go out to them. And to the rest of you freeloaders (I jest, I jest), if  you want to see more stuff about your region or paper on this blog, it’s up to you to alert me. E-mail me at bclocalreporter (at) gmail (dot) com. (The parentheses are to thwart nefarious spambots that try and clog my inbox. A pox on all your servers.)


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