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Putting the cold in viral video

February 3, 2011

A screen shot from last year's classic.

With the Super Bowl just days away, I had one question: could the Vernon Morning Star sports crew top their NFL Picks video from last year?

The answer yes, if only because sports reporter Kevin Mitchell kept his shirt on.

First a backgrounder: each Friday the Morning Star sports crew and a few other locals make their picks in print for the upcoming NFL week. It’s not the most local of regular features, but whatever. Anyways, beginning in 2009 the Morning Star-ers began also posting a regular video of their picks. It’s a low-fi thing (they are print guys after all), but often hilarious.

The crowning glory came last February when the picksters donned flip flops and floral shirts and took their show to the shores of south beach (actually, Kevin forgot his shirt altogether, which…yeah…). By south beach, I mean the closest Vernon has to south beach: a frigid sandy outpost on the shores of a fogged-out, if not frozen, Lake Okanagan.

It’s well worth viewing.

For some reason, there had been no new videos since December and I was getting worried that there wouldn’t be a Super Bowl finale this year.

Then, yesterday, relief came in the form of Graeme Corbett sitting on a fake horse. With the Super Bowl in Dallas, a local western store owned by an ex-Morning Star employee stood in for Texas (which, strangely enough, has been colder than Vernon in recent days, owing to a huge storm). But let’s not spoil the party. Apparently it took seven days on horseback for Roger Knox, Kevin and Graeme to finally get to Texas.

Graeme Corbett, Roger Knox and Kevin Mitchell in the heart of, ummm... Texas

After straying from the whole football thing and being gently prodded back on course by omniscient narrator, and Morning Star editor, Glenn Mitchell, the trio finally got around to their picks. (They need an external mic next time. Maybe they should borrow Kamloops This Week’s). Graeme had the Steelers by six, Roger picked the Packers by four, and Kevin upped the ante by picking Green Bay by 10 points. Then he began musing about packing companies and Kennedy conspiracy theories. But you can watch for yourself, here.

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