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Best of the best: big papers edition

February 2, 2011

Earlier this week I ran down (in a good way) the best small papers in the province, as determined by the results of BCYCNA and CCNA awards from the past nine years.

Today we’ll focus on the larger papers.

As on Monday, the following long disclaimer applies:

Because BCYCNA categories change from year-to-year, and because newspapers’ circulations can fluctuate, not all of these newspapers have garnered all of their awards in the class in which they are found below. This is especially true for CCNA awards, since those categories do not exactly mirrior those of the BCYCNA.

For the BCYCNA awards, I gave five points for a first place showing, three for second place and one for third place. (On the premise that there is less of a difference between first and third than there is between third place and your average no-award paper, I tried a 4-3-2 system but the results were almost identical.) As for the CCNA awards, I handed out points on a 6-4-2 basis, on the assumption that it’s more prestigious to win a national award than a provincial one.

I’ve listed the top performers in each category. To make my list, papers must have collected at least 10 points in either category.

You will also notice that there are six categories, despite the Ma Murrays having added a seventh category (I assume just to mess up this project and hence the absence of a Category F). The final category, in this case, includes those papers who have been included most often in the everything-above-blank category.

Anyways, here we go:

Category D:

Newspaper BCYCNA awards BCYCNA points CCNA points Total points
Cowichan Valley News Leader 7 31 12 43
Coast Reporter 2 10 16 26
Oak Bay News 5 13 10 23

The Coast Reporter has won consecutive BCY golds the past two years, despite moving up a category for 2010. The News Leader, meanwhile has been a model of consistency.

Category E:

Newspaper BCYCNA awards BCYCNA points CCNA points Total points
Abbotsford Times 4 14 6 20
Abbotsford News 1 5 14 19
Victoria News 5 11 6 17

Abbotsford, it turns out, is very well served by their papers. Note that the News gets the national love, while the Times is favoured by provincial judges.

Category G:

Newspaper BCYCNA awards BCYCNA points CCNA points Total points
North Shore News 9 31 38 69
Kelowna Capital News 7 25 8 33
Surrey/North Delta Leader 4 8 4 12

Like no other category, this one was dominated by a pair of stalwarts. The North Shore News has won a BCY each of the last nine years, but the Capital News has frequently given it a run for its money, and sometimes come out on top. A rotating cast of other papers have appeared now and again, including the Abbotsford Times (twice) and the Victoria News (once) (their awards in those years were applied to their standings in Category E, as seen above).

You may notice that only nine papers in three categories are represented above, compared with 15 in the three smaller categories, as seen on Monday. While doing this survey I noticed a lot more competition among the smaller papers. In the smaller categories, several papers won one or maybe two awards over the nine-year span. But when it came to the bigger papers, and especially the largest category, I saw the same papers over and over again.

You can draw your own conclusions from that, although I will admit that there are fewer big papers than small ones in the province.

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Newspaper BCYCNA awards BCYCNA points CCNA points Total points
Cowichan Valley News Leader 7 31 12 43
Oak Bay News 5 13 10 23
Coast Reporter 2 10 16 26
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  1. February 3, 2011 at 6:58 am


    Very interesting post. Just a note — the BCYCNA added the extra category in the newspaper excellence awards because we have increased membership by more than 20 members in the last eight years and some categories were getting too jammed. Sorry about that — the price of association success : )

    George Affleck, General Manager of the BC and Yukon Community Newspapers Association (BCYCNA)

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