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“A lamb among wolves”

February 1, 2011

Dan Ferguson of the Langley Times has written a gripping and hard-hitting story on the 2008 killing of a 14-year-old boy by four men who will soon be seeking parole. The details couldn’t be reported in 2009, when the case took place, and Dan does a great job of recounting the horrific story.

For the long story, the Leader got transcripts of their sentencing hearings and was “granted access to information gathered by a three-man team of investigators from the Integrated Homicide Investigation team (IHIT) that solved the case.” Dan also spoke to the dead boy’s family.

It’s an absolutely superb piece of journalism.

Justin’s foster mom filed a victim impact statement at the sentencing hearing for the teenagers describing how Justin’s confidence seemed to be improving in the months before his death.

He was not an outstanding student, but he made an effort and remained the dutiful, eager-to-please kid who followed house rules and obeyed curfews.

About a month before he died, all that changed.


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