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Reporter fights off home invader, writes about it

January 22, 2011

Why go to the news when it can come to you.

Alaska Highway News reporter Ryan Lux spent last Friday night (Jan. 14) fighting off “a drug-addled delinquent” who burst into his Fort St. John apartment uninvited and threatened to kill him. It’s a gripping first-hand account you’ve got to read.

So this guy bursts into my apartment, clearly agitated and under the influence of drugs. Unfortunately for me, the intruder wasn’t your garden-variety dazed and confused druggy.

I asked him if anything was wrong and if there was anything I could do to help him out. He responded by locking my door behind him and charging at me, This surprised me because I had never sent the guy before and hadn’t done anything to provoke him.

He proceeded to choke me and ram my head through the wall over and over again, pummeling me with punches whenever I said anything.


Ryan had left his door unlocked, which, it turns out, was a mistake. After booting the intruder — who was threatening to kill him — in the neck, Ryan escaped to a neighbour’s and called police. They were already on their way, having received a call from another neighbour who heard the commotion.

Ryan’s first question was whether he’d have to forfeit his damage deposit because of the destruction caused by the assault (he doesn’t have insurance). He writes that Victim Services will likely cover the damage, but he’s reluctant to use the V word.

My experience was a symptom of the underside of our community rearing it’s ugly head – in my living room of all places – and I suppose for a reporter it has broadened my understanding of society’s criminal element and how they intersect with the justice system.

Again, read the whole thing here.

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