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Nanaimo Daily News goes on offensive

January 18, 2011

While Mounties investigate whether the Nanaimo Daily News breached a publication ban by publishing the name of an accused in a recent court case, the paper is making a strong case in print that the cops are full of shit.

They’ve even got the lawyer for the outed criminal on their side:

An RCMP investigation of the Nanaimo Daily News for allegedly breaching a publication ban is a “tempest in a teapot” likely designed to protect the force’s image, a Nanaimo defence lawyer says.

Stephen Taylor said the ban was in place to protect his client’s right to a fair trial, and that neither he nor his client was concerned by the Daily News’ coverage of the case.

“Who’s the victim?” Taylor asked. “I mean, police investigate crime. Crime implies a victim. Who’s the victim? [My client] certainly isn’t complaining. So I think it’s hurt feelings; I don’t think the RCMP appreciates the way they’re portrayed.”


Nanaimo Daily News managing editor Cale Cowan also says that the article in question was lawyered before going to print. They say the publication ban clearly applies to the witnesses and victims in the case, not the accused.

In yesterday’s story, Cale said that police are investigating only because the original article — written by Danielle Bell and Derek Spalding — called into question the RCMP’s ability to protect confidential informants.

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