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Exclusive Castanet video with cop-kicked man

January 15, 2011

Last week Kelly Hayes of Castanet got the scoop of a career when he came across, and filmed, a police officer kicking a prone man after reports of shots being fired at a Kelowna golf course. Yesterday, Castanet posted an exclusive sit-down interview between Hayes and the now-released man, Buddy Tavares.

Below is the video, which has been posted on YouTube (by Castanet). But if you want to give Castanet a deserved page view, you can watch the 20-minute long interview here. Again, videos are great, but I don’t understand why those who take video don’t always then write a news story using the film as the primary source. Seems an easy way to score hits, attract more readers and offer something more than YouTube. Here’s a CBC story that cribs from it.

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