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Nelson Daily broadsides Black, ignores Post (updated)

January 11, 2011

The death of the Nelson Express has prompted a relatively new online publication, the Nelson Daily, to launch a shot over the bow of its Black Press competitors.

The statement (it’s not really an article, and is signed by “Lone Sheep Publications”) begins:

With the sad announcement this week that The Nelson Express is closing its doors after 22 years of operation, several things about the future of media in the West Kootenay have become much clearer.

First, print continues to become less and less viable economically. Each of the five largest towns in our region now has only one print paper, all of them owned by Black Press, a Victoria-based chain that also produces the aptly-named Advertiser. The only (happy) exception to this trend is the independent Valley Voice, which continues to thrive.

It continues:

Beyond these chain papers, the West Kootenay also boasts four locally-owned online newspapers.

In the print corner, we have The Nelson Star, The Rossland News, The Trail Times, The Castlegar News and The Grand Forks Gazette. Meanwhile, in the online corner there’s The Nelson Daily, The Rossland Telegraph, The Castlegar Source, and The Boundary Sentinel.


All four of those online publications are owned by Lone Sheep.

Now, I have little issue with any publication making its business case in print. But given that this article is one of the three top stories in rotation on the Daily’s front page, it would have been nice to see the site at least acknowledge the presence of the rival News in the Koots and Nelson Post, whose existence makes that sentence about four locally-owned online newspapers if not false, then definitely not the whole truth.

Of course, it doesn’t want to direct potential advertisers or readers to a competitor. Nevertheless, given that the Post acknowledged the Daily when it broke the story about the closing of the Express, the Daily should have done the same in kind.

Beyond that, the Daily’s pitch to readers and advertisers makes a compelling case for online publications. It will be interesting to see if readers agree, especially since both sites are noticeably barren of ads at the moment). UPDATED: I’m an idiot. The sites were barren of ads because I installed a script blocker on my browser that sped up my computer but blocked the ads.


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  1. Laura Duncan
    January 16, 2011 at 10:01 am

    Really! Cloaks and Daggers! And shots over bows. Treasures to be won (future tense to be sure). Keep those broad swords swinging and eat all your haggis!

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