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Greggggate over: WHL ends ban

January 11, 2011

So the strange tale of Kamloops Daily News sports editor Gregg Drinnan‘s ban from speaking to Kamloops Blazers management and personnel is over following a meeting between the team, the WHL and KDN editor Mel Rothenburger and publisher Tim Shoults.

Gregg can report as usual and the WHL has admitted that the Blazers contravened the league’s media policy.

[WHL commissioner Ron] Robison admitted that the Blazers were in violation of the WHL media policy by restricting the sports writer’s access to team personnel.

However, he was sympathetic to the Blazers’ issue that coverage has not been as balanced at what is received by other franchises in other WHL cities. He provided few examples other than to note one major press conference was not covered, as well as player signings.


The worst they can come up with is that the Daily News missed a press conference? Really? Christ, no wonder they caved.

So what came of this: well, the Kamloops Blazers management was tar, feathered and made to look like a bunch of thin-skinned crybabies. Gregg got some more street cred to add to his resume and presumably some stories to tell. And, finally, the league comes out looking bad because, if the Blazer ban contravened its rules as it states above, why the hell was it allowed to remain in place for nearly three weeks?

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