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No joke: reporter retires at the age of 54; Northern roundup

January 10, 2011

Farewell to Trail Daily Times reporter Ray Masleck, who has retired after 30 years and one month after arriving in town. He writes, in his farewell column headlined “I wasn’t planning to stay – honest“:

I rolled off the bus in Castlegar in the middle of a cold, clear night, 30 years ago last month.

Apparently, the place with the simple but odd-sounding name where I was headed was so obscure the Greyhound didn’t even stop there. The driver said a van would be along shortly to take me the rest of the way.

Rumbling down the river valley in the jitney (an Eastern word I would soon have to ditch, along with my barret and poofy-Montreal shoulder bag) I wondered what Trail – that dot on the map south of Field and west of Yahk – would be like. Then I arrived in a place that seemed to consist entirely of belching smoke stacks lit up by orange arc lights that extinguished the stars.


I didn’t know that it was possible to retire at 54 as a journalist, but somehow Ray found a way to do it. Perhaps it has something to do with his degree in business and economics. I don’t know, either way, congratulations. A short news article, and photo, on Ray’s retirement can be found here.

Masleck said he has lots of interests to keep him busy in retirement including golf, skiing, serving on several volunteer boards, and reading.


The Interior News has a slideshow featuring photos of a movie being shot on a mountain. The photos are good and the slideshow is beautifully executed and much more professional looking and easy-to-use than any page-view grabbing disaster done by the Sun or Province.

I’m not sure who wrote this Terrace Standard piece on the funeral of a kid who died while horsing around at a friend’s birthday party, but it’s very well written. Reporter Margaret Spiers took a photo, so I’ll give her credit for the story too.

A TEARFUL memorial for Brad Levesque, who died while horsing around at a friend’s birthday party earlier this week, took place tonight at the Elks Hall with about 150 people in attendance.

Levesque’s mom, Sonya Thomas, his two grandmothers, Ali Wheeldon and Betty Rawcliffe and several friends, parents and teachers spoke about him, their memories of him and the dangers of teen drinking.

“I want you kids to understand, it’s not fun, and it’s not funny. It could’ve been any child in this room,” said Wheeldon.


Finally, Prince George Free Press editor Bill Phillips snaps a photo of an irresponsible snowmobiler and shames him in his paper. Very nice, although hopefully nobody exactly asks how the photo was taken.

Photo by Tobin via Flickr.
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