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Hitler, a coke dealer, and an elk named stinky

January 8, 2011

You know you have a good story when Hitler makes an appearance. Sean McIntyre of the Gulf Islands Driftwood reports on how a local organization’s Facebook site now bears a video of Hitler.

What’s generated so much discussion over the past few weeks, however, is that subtitles inserted by the video’s anonymous creator portray local Trust committee member George Ehring as Hitler.

While views about the clip’s propriety abound, a point that’s started to generate some debate is the role social media network administrators have when it comes to non-administrators posting material and links on sites like Facebook.


The video was taken down five days after it was posted. (Just to be clear. If someone posts a comment below that points to a video that portrays me as Hitler, it’s getting deleted REAL quick. Anyone have a problem with that? That’s what I thought.)

Anyways, the story is really interesting, beyond the appearance of Hitler. And it brings to mind some interesting questions. All the Black Press sites have a little widget on the right side that scans for any Twitter mention of, say, #Cranbrook. If something libellous is posted, it can make it to the Black Press site with ease where it’s possible for a lawyer to see it way before any editor notices. Maybe someone should address that.

Look at the Ladysmith Chronicle’s home page, then click on the main story. You’ll notice the awesome photo has been replaced by the dreary Island seascape that opens a short video. Where’s the photo?!?!

This lede by Tyler Clarke of the Lake Cowichan Gazette is awesome: “Fondly referred to as Pretty Boy, and not-so-fondly known as Stinky and a more expletive-filled nick-name, a well-known Youbou elk has been killed.”  What was the expletive-filled nickname I want to know.

I don’t know the swear word, but you can guess with the following hint:

The not-so-good variety of nickname came from the fact that the elk enjoyed eating residents’ gardens.

“He was a connoisseur, and liked variety,” Smith said. “After a while of testing everything in the yard, he would lie down, chew his cud, ready to start munching in a short while.”


Nice feature by the North Island Gazette: it features its annual Christmas story and colouring contest for adults and kids. The web treatment is also good. This is how all features should be displayed on Black Press sites.

Vivian Moreau of the Oak Bay News takes attendance of local councillors. It’s a great way to wrap up the season by congratulating the best of the bunch and shaming the guy who missed 11 of 51 meetings. Every council reporter can probably write a story on the topic, but not all do.

Good court story by Campbell River Mirror reporter Paul Rudan on a drug deal gone bad. Some very nice quotes from the testimony of some guy who backed out of a deal to finance a large cocaine purchase. Note to self: never do that. Why? Because, if you’re lucky, you’ll stand in court and say the following:

“I stood there and bled over the sink,” said Warren as he recalled the beating he took.


Great hockey photo by Victoria News shooter Sharon Tiffin who catches a Vancouver player in the act of tripping his opponent.

Finally, on the Powell River Peak, a new dispatch from a local Sunshine Coast soldier serving in Afghanistan.

Pretty damn good lede for a non-reporter:

Afterburners light up the sky like two 20-foot blowtorches and the sound of a jet engine fills the air as another fighter takes off into the sky. It is Christmas Eve in Kandahar and I am sitting outside my quarters enjoying a very good cigar as the clock ticks past midnight.



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