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KTW has all your Gregggggate coverage (updated)

January 6, 2011

Last post on this until something new and exciting happens.

Marty Hastings of Kamloops This Week has the most up-to-date and comprehensive story on the evolving controversy surrounding the Kamloops Blazers and Daily News. In his story, he writes that the Blazers (via NHLer Mark Recchi) claim to have OKed the ban with the league, but says they weren’t aware of it until the Dec. 22 letter was sent.

However, Mark Recchi, the Boston Bruins forward who is also co-owner of the major junior club, told KTW the Blazers’ actions were consented to by the league before the Daily News was notified.

“They knew. They knew everything,” Recchi said, noting the club’s ownership group supported general manager Craig Bonner’s decision. “The WHL knew everything before we did anything.”


UPDATED: Now it turns out the dub was pulling Marty’s chain. A league spokesperson took back his old comments and said WHL brass DID know that the Blazers had decided to ban Drinnan. (Thanks for the heads up in the comments section).

“Yes, the Western Hockey League was made aware by the Kamloops Blazers that they’re going to move forward with this decision to ban Gregg Drinnan and they’re taking a letter to the paper,” Flett told KTW on Thursday (Jan. 6) afternoon.


What a giant clusterfuck.

Anyways, back to the first story: Rothenburger read part of the letter to Marty The Reporter and said the rest lacked details as to why Drinnan was banned. He and Recchi both said the Jan. 11 meeting will aim to define what is “fair and balanced reporting.” Rothenburger thinks Drinnan’s work matches the standard. Recchi won’t. Maybe once they decide and finally settle the age-old question they’ll write a textbook on the issue to be used in journalism schools everywhere. Or not.

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