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Gregggate: Drinnan still banned, will meet Jan. 11 with Blazers

January 4, 2011

This is the second post on Gregggate. Find the first post here. Find the third (and newest one) here.

According to the Twitter feed of Gregg’s Kamloops This Week counterpart Marty The Reporter Hastings, the Blazers and the Daily News will meet next week “to discuss reporting restrictions on reporter Gregg Drinnan.”

I hope that by “reporting restrictions,” we’re talking in the current, not the future, tense. Actually, scratch that; by “reporting restrictions,” we better-the-fuck be talking about the current, not the future tense.

More from Marty The Reporter’s Twitter:

“It’s our hope we can come to an immediate resolution.” — #WHL communications director Cory Flett on Jan. 11 meeting with Blazers, Daily.


#Kamloops Blazers GM Craig Bonner told Kamloops This Week the #WHL has instructed him not to comment on Drinnan, Daily, Blazers situation.

Kelowna radio sports guy Regan Bartel wrote on his blog Monday:

I was surprised to learn that the Blazers hockey club has essentially cut off player and coach accessibility to the Kamloops Daily News. The local newspaper was issued a letter from Blazers ownership before Christmas saying the decision was made because of negative reporting by the paper towards the hockey club. That means veteran WHL writer Gregg Drinnan is unable to obtain quotes from the hockey club and is forced to interview the opposition team instead. In a day and age where WHL teams like the Seattle Thunderbirds and Portland Winterhawks are thirsting for more media coverage, be it positive or negative, the Blazers theory is they are best served by radio, TV and the Internet.

Burnaby Now sports editor Tom Berridge wrote (in a post titled Send in the clowns):

The sad reality in this case is the example they are setting makes them look like clowns in my opinion, or worse, very immature clowns. I applaud the position taken by the newspaper standing behind their writers. I am less enthusiastic about how the Western Hockey League has handled the situation, in particular because it is supposed to be against the league rules. I’ll let this article speak for itself. I think it sums up the situation nicely. What do you think?


Former colleague Angela MacIsaac reminisces about how Gregg got her a job 10 years ago in a touching blog post that concludes in a similar vein:

It is a local newspaper’s job to report the news in a manner that allows you to make up your own mind. They write columns or opinion pieces to stir your thoughts, incite your fire and provoke your response.

When it comes to Gregg’s work, it is always based in fact … and a desire to ensure his readers are the most informed they can be.

I’ll go to my grave respecting the body of work Gregg Drinnan has compiled on the WHL.

But tonight, I lose quite a bit for the Blazers, a team of which I became a fan after I put my sports writing days behind me.


The Province has published Mel Rothenburger‘s editorial and the issue has spread across language barriers. La Soleil reporter Mikaël Lalancette sums up the story on his Metro Montreal blog:

On ne parle pas d’un blogueur sévissant sur Internet : on parle d’un bonhomme respecté de ses pairs et qui livre quotidiennement un travail d’une grande qualité.

That roughly translates (I think?) into: “We’re not talking about a Internet blogger. We’re talking about a gentleman respected by his peers who delivers daily work of great quality.”


I would still like to see someone craft an open letter, to be signed by local sports reporters, that can be forwarded to the league.

Any takers?


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    Here’s the latest: The WHL did know of the Blazers’ intentions.


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