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Bob Hall on a crazy 2010 in Nelson

January 1, 2011

At the close of 2010, Nelson Star editor Bob Hall penned a must-read column on what it was like to be the final editor of the Nelson Daily News when Black Press made the decision to send the newspaper to a farm in the country — and then to be hired by Black Press to edit the Star.

About the weeks after first being told that he would be out of the job, Hall writes:

I never did in those two weeks was blame Black Press for the closure of the Nelson Daily News. The company may have been on the list of 15 reasons why the Daily News ultimately failed, but it certainly wasn’t near the top. All Black Press did was compete in a local market and did it very well by producing a quality newspaper. A lagging economy, dried up advertising revenues, an unaffordable workforce and a rapidly changing society had much more of an impact on the demise of Daily News than did its strongest competitor.


You really should read the column, which closes as follows:

When the Nelson Daily News closed its doors this past July it was a sad for the community. Unfortunately its time had come and it died of natural causes. RIP.

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