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Let’s all grok tonight

December 31, 2010

Before X-mas, Mark Hamilton put together a wishlist for 2011. Read the whole thing here.

Three points in particular had me saying “amen”

(1) Media organizations start using Twitter to engage, more than they use it to promote. It’s one thing to rely on a handful of engaged reporters; it’s another to manage an organizational tweet stream that adds personality and the human voice.

(2) Publishers and editors finally fully grok that the web — and apps — are primarily visual and give photojournalism it’s due: bigger images, more storytelling, no more let’s-drive-page views slideshows of dubious nature and content. And proper credit for the visual journalists. There’s no reason to continue to mismatch of nine-point bylines and six-point photo credits.

(5) Publishers paying more attention to the quality and capabilities of their RSS feeds as the success of Flipboard prompts development of other multi-source aggregators.


Personally, I would like to see the widespread adoption of the verb “to grok.”

Mark’s also, um, marking 40 years in the journalism busines (he’s now an instructor at Kwantlen). Since he’s still a writer, he’s also posted a reflection on his four decades. It’s touchy-feely stuff, but in a good way:

Journalism has been good to me. It never made me rich or anything other than somewhat locally famous. But it put me together with a lot of talented, passionate people, and it still does, even if now I’ve never met a lot of them face-to-face. It has allowed me to create, to explore, to express, to help, to celebrate people and accomplishments large and small. It has taken me places I never would have gone.



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  1. January 2, 2011 at 6:57 pm

    Bad link in the story. It’s here: http://www.tamark.ca/students/2010/12/20/no-predictions-but-heres-what-id-like-to-see/

    Good piece – thanks for linking to this and Happy New Year!

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