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The wrong side of the tracks

December 21, 2010

Getting a letter from a lawyer can be Scary with a capital S. Lawyers are typically royal pains in the arse and extremely expensive, which makes the letter received by Burnaby Now reporter Jennifer Moreau from the lawyers of CP almost blessedly tame.

Jennifer has been reporting on the ongoing leakage from a Chevron refinery on Burnaby Mountain. The oil’s leaking out at a spot near the CP railway tracks and Jennifer went to the seep zone where she took a photo of a local resident, as well as her own fingers after touching the leaking oil. The caption for the latter photo reads, in part, “Oil in the ditch beside the railroad tracks downslope from the Chevron refinery.”

CP doesn’t like it when people walk across their tracks. It’s technically trespassing, and the company’s lawyers sent Burnaby Now a letter emphasizing that point and asking to stop walking on the tracks.

“We strongly urge anyone from Burnaby Now who has trespassed on CP’s right-of-way to cease and desist,” the letter reads. The rest is here, on Jennifer’s blog.

It ends by talking about CP’s concern for safety and asks the receiver to “Govern yourself accordingly.”

That’s all. No threats even.

It’s been a busy week on Jennifer’s Community Conversation’s blog. Earlier, Jennifer was rebuked (which was later withdrawn) by a pastor when a letter he sent about former KGB agent Mikhail Lennikov, who’s still holed up in a Burnaby church, appeared on the blog.

It seems he forgot that Jennifer was on his e-mail list. Read the conversation here (you may have to scroll down to the comments section.)

Photo by Jeffrey Pott via Flickr.


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