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Murder, murder and more murder, from Chilliwack to Vanderhoof

December 17, 2010

Before we get to the North, we’ll start with murder and a missing man in Chilliwack.

Paul Henderson of the Chilliwack Times — not Team Canada — writes fascinatingly about a convicted murderer who kept his past hidden as he tried to build a life in Chilliwack only to disappear suddenly then reappear in a Saskatchewan jail, charged with another murder. He also helped a local videographer interview Sir Mix-A-Lot of “I Love Big Butts” fame. A second part is still to come.

The Times also has another story about what may be a murder, which may turn into a larger story because, shortly before a 64-year-old man went missing, the police arrested then released the missing man’s roommate, who has since been re-arrested and declared a “person of interest” in the disappearance.

And in Kamloops, a story by Marty Hastings on the Blazers’ embrace of a celebration dance last seen on video game consoles in 1994. If you know the game, this is very, very funny.

Now, to the north:

Less than a month ago the Caledonia Courier welcomed Ruth Lloyd as their new reporter/photographer. If a column written by Lloyd this week about a family member convicted of murder is any indication, she’ll do fine. By the way, you can find her blog here, where her photography promises more good things for Fort St. James.

This sports story in the Dawson Creek Daily News by Rick Davison, of a goaltender making the move to rec hockey to senior men’s hockey, is interesting because I had kind of forgotten that there are still senior men’s teams like the Trail Smoke Eaters used to be (if that sentence makes any sense).

I think this headline in the Alaska Highway News needs a hypen, but otherwise it’s perfect: “No more fur lined bikinis.” Curious right? Apparently the public pool has one of those waterslides that go outside the building. That’s a problem when your newspaper’s name has the word “Alaska” in it. The pool closes when the weather drops below -20 C or – 30 c, depending on the cloud cover, according to sports editor Kelly Lapointe‘s story.

When the waterslide was originally planned, the Pool Commission had thought it would enclosed.

“We had an actual structural engineer that assured us that the volume of the water going through the slide was sufficient to keep it thawed. He was just mistaken, unfortunately. I think he didn’t really understand what 30 below is up here. He made his best judgment based on his experience levels and we were all assured that the slide would never freeze and of course that hasn’t been the case,” explained McLain.

“But it wasn’t a decision that the Pool Commission made, it wasn’t a decision that the city made, it was our architect and the building engineer had made that assurance.”

McLain said the slide averages to about two or three weeks of closure each winter, but last year’s was about 18 or 19 days, which he said is a lot.


Here’s the start of Lorne Eckersley‘s story on “Dammit Dolls” in the Invermere Valley Echo:

When you want to climb the wall

And stand right up and shout

Here’s a little Dammit Doll

You cannot do without.

Just grasp it firmly by the legs

And find a place to slam it

And as you whack the stuffing out

Yell — Dammit Dammit Dammit!

Frustrated at the geographical distance that separates her from her ailing granddaughter, Nancy Crest has taken to making Dammit Dolls, each with the above message attached.


Apparently Dammit Dolls aren’t a brand new idea. And neither is the poem. But the idea is brilliant. I wish I had one yesterday. They should come with your business cards when you start at a new paper.

Who wrote this story about the Northwest Transmission Line for the Terrace Standard? There’s no byline attached but the story makes simple what sounds to be a very complicated and convoluted process in trying to get the go-ahead for the line.

And finally, a couple more great stories from Hannah Wright of the Vanderhoof Omineca Express on the ongoing investigation into the murder of 15-year-odl Loren Leslie. Wright’s obviously got the inside scoop on all the proceedings, as she again quotes the father and multiple friends. I can’t sum it all up, so read it. From a week ago… and the latest…

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