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Immigrants and Santa

December 8, 2010

Two Lower Mainland papers this week localized significant international stories. These are great for community newspapers because they tell local stories while broadening the international knowledge of readers and scope of the topics covered.

Everybody should know what has happened in Sudan and South Sudan in the past 20 years but few probably do. Hopefully Michael McQuillin‘s story in the New Westminster News Leader gets one or two more readers to look carefully at the country, which really needs more attention if it’s to successfully split up. The subject in McQuillin’s story, a refugee from South Sudan, is urging his fellow refugees to vote in an upcoming referendum that could see the southern region of the country secede, ala Quebec.

Meanwhile, (Coquitlam) Now reporter Jennifer McFee writes about how the North Korean artillery barrage on a South Korean island has affected the local Korean community.

Keeping the international news trend going, Monisha Martins of the Maple Ridge News reports that WikiLeaks documents reveal that a Maple Ridge company has been listed as vital to the United States’ national security. The high tech company is “critical to production of various military application electronics, General Dynamics Land Systems,” according to the document.

On the Santa beat, the aforementioned Michael McQuillin (he’s freaking everywhere) has a cheery Claus tale punctuated by this touching anecdote:

Last year while spreading cheer, Kolody met an older male patient who said to him, “I don’t know why I’m here.”

Caught off guard, Kolody responded, “I guess you need help.”

“You don’t understand,” said the gentleman, “I’m a doctor.”

“Then it’s your turn to get help,” Kolody reassured the patient.


And finally Abbotsford Times’ Jean Konda-Witte has a poignant photo essay (gallery?) of an Abbotsford charity photo session for the less fortunate. Check the photos out here…

More to come later today…


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