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Wright leads the way on murder story

December 7, 2010

Coronation Street

Hannah Wright of the Vanderhoolf Omineca Express has dug up more dirt on the guy accused of killing 15-year-old Loren Donn Leslie. A friend of the man accused of the killing told Wright that Cody Alan Legebokoff went missing shortly before his arrest on Nov. 22.  Wright talked to the girl’s father, who gave her a dramatic rundown on how he found out that his daughter was dead. She also reports that Legebokoff and the girl knew each other and were “friends by association,” which no one else has reported. As previously noted, Wright was also the only reporter at Legebokoff’s initial court appearance.

Ashley Hendry of the Alaska Highway News asks Trevor Hurst of Econoline Crush why the hell touring bands are heading up to Fort St. John in the middle of winter.

Nice but real tiny hockey photo by Greg Sabatino of the Williams Lake Tribune.

Way down south in Vernon, it’s worth pointing out a wry story by Morning Star lifestyles editor Katherine Mortimer on being interviewed for a CBC series about Coronation Street fanatics. It’s tougher than it looks on TV, she writes:

“As someone who interviews members of the public for a living, I figured this would be a doddle. Turns out I was sadly mistaken. It’s nerve-wracking as hell being interviewed, and when it’s for TV, you have to remember to make eye contact at all times with the interviewer, to keep the “uhs” to a minimum, to slow down (almost impossible for me) and to sound vaguely interesting and at times even humorous.”

I’d rather be hung upside down by my toe nails than interviewed for TV. But then, that’s why I’m in print.


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