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Edgar Dunning receives posthumous honour

November 30, 2010

Dave Willis of, appropriately, the Delta Optimist reports that an upcoming Christmas concert will honour Edgar Dunning, whose family started the Optimist and who was a reporter, editor and publisher for the paper. Dunning died last month at the age of 100. A music group he helped found will perform at the concert.

“He was always pushing and advocating for the group and encouraging, all of those things that were part of his personality, he brought to Delta Concert Band as well,” says Tempest. “He did a lot to try and raise the profile of the group within the business community in Ladner and Delta as a whole.”

Dunning, a highly respected figure in the community, accumulated many honours during his life such as the first Freedom of the Municipality in 2004 as well as Citizen of the Year and a lifetime achievement award from the Delta Chamber of Commerce.

This year he received a B.C. Community Achievement Award and the B.C. and Yukon Community Newspapers Association’s Eric Dunning Integrity Award.


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