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Follow-up Friday and Only in the Kootenays

November 26, 2010

Today’s follow-up Friday. OK, I’m not going to be able to guarantee two good follow-ups every week but today we got a couple from two competing papers in the Interior.

I think every newspaper has probably done their own story on a local MS patient who is curious about Liberation Treatment. Today, Kamloops This Week’s Jeremy Deutsch followed up with a Kamloops man who had Liberation Treatment for MS. Good story (and nice KTW front page). Reporters should also follow up with Liberation Treatment patients in several months.

And Jason Hewlett from the Kamloops Daily News (which straddles the line between a community and a daily paper) checks in with the family of a bicyclist hit by a bus five months ago. The guy’s still in a “semi-conscious state” in hospital. The story is notable just for the fact it got done. Injured victims can sometimes be forgot — and often can’t be contacted.

Only in the Kootenays (another potential recurring feature?)

I cannot even conceive of a world in which my services are so in demand that someone’s entire job is to lure me to their town. That, I guess, is why I’m not a doctor in Creston.

Aaron Orlando of the Revelstoke Times-Review reports on his city’s new sand-it-yourself sidewalk plan.

The husband of the mayor of Slocan City has been charged with growing pot. One of those lovely stories that falls into the hands of a lucky reporter (in this case Sam Smith of the Arrow Lakes News) every so often.

Andrew Bennett of the Rossland News reports that cops had to shoot a bear after it became trapped in the home’s mud room while a mother and child barricaded themselves in the basement.

Finally the Trail Daily Times has an, um, interesting photo of parking chaos.

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    Nice to see this website – thanks. Just a note (in case you haven’t already heard) that the link to the spreadsheet doesn’t work. Thanks.

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