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What’s the point of this site?

November 24, 2010

Last night I laid in bed for an hour or so trying to figure out what the point of this site is and whether it would be worth the risk of alienating potential employers were I to write something inflammatory and were they to discover my name.

That there is a risk, I think, illustrates the need for a site, as strange as that may sound <1>. I haven’t fully worked out the logic behind it, but I think that there needs to be a place for discussion among community journalists. We don’t have a bar around which we can gather, so the Internet will have to do.

<1> Admittedly, I’m not quite sure what risk there is. Most editors hire their reporters and I don’t plan on targeting the guys who lay out the pages. I also don’t plan on looking for a new job anytime in the next five years. As for publishers, I doubt they will ever realize this site exists, on the chance that it manages to build a following. Even in that case I don’t know if it would anger them and, if it did, whether they’d bother to look into the person behind it. But still, something nags at me, and that nagging feeling itself is a sign that something isn’t right.

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